Restaurant Review: Rose & Grace Restaurant

B and I decided at the last minute to just take the day off and head to Tagaytay.  We had initially planned to purchase a Deal Grocer voucher for one of those Tagaytay Hotels but when I called the hotel we wanted to go to, the receptionist seemed unsure how soon we can redeem the voucher.  I couldn’t remember either since the last time I had bought something from a group buying site was about 4 years ago.  I sent an email to Deal Grocer but found out they resume office at 10AM.  So we decided to be adventurous, pack an overnight bag and just head off to Tagaytay.

Along the way, we decided to drop by the Petron Station along SLEX and get the free RFID sticker (paid for the required minimum initial load of Php500).

Since we ended up deciding not to stay overnight at Tagaytay, we decided to just check out the outlet stores in Sta Rosa and have lunch at one of hubby’s favorite stops, Rose & Grace Restaurant. Surprisingly for a lunch (though a weekday), there were only few customers around.

2015-11-10 12.00.57 2015-11-10 12.00.56

2015-11-10 11.53.04

Interiors of Rose & Grace

2015-11-10 11.55.36

Bulalo (Php405)

2015-11-10 11.57.47Lechon Kawali (Php105)

We order our usual Bulalo and lechon kawali, 2 orders of rice and a can of coke to share.  The first bulalo served had no bone marrow so hubby requested for a different one and the server graciously gave in.

The last time we ate there was a year ago and back then, the soup was tasty.  This time, all I could taste was this commercial taste coming from beef bouillon which is really disappointing. The lechon kawali, although had little fat, was too tough and the skin was not crispy.  From the looks of it, the pork was from an oversized old pig.

All in all a disappointing visit.  We definitely will need to find another place that would fix hubby’s bulalo craving.

Restaurant Review: Genki Sushi (Bonifacio Stopover)


Since dinner at Genki Sushi was a last minute decision, we arrived at Bonifacio Stopover past 6PM.  Parking was easy to find across the building as office hours were over.2015-11-04 20.27.12

Outside Genki Sushi along BGC Stopover. Not much people waiting in line at 6PM.

2015-11-04 19.10.20

Inside Genki Sushi, the place is packed though…all tables that are being served by conveyor belt is filled up.  The farthest tables near the windows are actually regular table and there was one table vacant. Of course we didn’t come to just eat, we wanted the novelty experience of the food being served via conveyor belt.

2015-11-04 19.10.15

Once the server leads you to your table, you are given copies of the menu (the same ones posted on the wall as well as can be seen on the tab monitor).  Small plates, chopsticks and cups are also set on your table for your use. The server then orients you on what to do if it was your first visit.2015-11-04 19.15.26

The menu on the well (same menu given to you in case you’re seated at the far end and can’t see the wall menu or the tablet.  2015-11-04 19.13.57

Green tea powder besides the hot water faucet for you to make as much green tea as your heart desires.

2015-11-04 19.18.50

You just need to familiarize yourself with the Japanese terms (although there’s an English translation) used for each entree category. Once you place your order, you can no longer cancel it so make sure you entered the correct dish and the correct quantity.

2015-11-04 19.21.06

Our first orders have arrived! It’s a novelty to see the speedy little car on conveyor belt deliver your food.

2015-11-04 19.22.03

Spicy Tuna (Php80)

2015-11-04 19.21.57

Spicy Salmon (Php80)

I liked the spicy mayo of both the spicy tuna and the spicy salmon though I favor the latter more.  However with the price and only 2 servings plus there’s little salmon and tuna on the sushi, I felt this was not value for money at all.

2015-11-04 19.22.44

California Roll (Php150)

You can get better California rolls elsewhere for the same price with with a bigger serving portion.  Taste was nothing remarkable; not value for money.

2015-11-04 19.29.25

Lobster Salmon Roll (Php150)

2015-11-04 19.52.43 edited

Spicy Salmon Roll (Php150)

The lobster salmon roll and the spicy salmon roll were good but again, not much filling for both.  There’s 3 pieces per order so it’s a bit more than the spicy rolls.

2015-11-04 19.32.08

Fried Gyoza (Php150)

Our worst order for the night.  The fried gyoza was tough and chewy.  There was too much wrapper and not enough filling.  It was also fried beyond golden.  Nothing remarkable and for the price, you might as well be better off just ordering those expensive sushi rolls.

2015-11-04 19.36.57

Shrimp Tempura (Php270)

While they did not mislead you with saying it was prawn tempura, we were still dismayed because upon dissecting (yes, we dissect our food especially shrimp/prawn tempura because we always want to check how big the shrimp or prawn is and if they cleaned it. In this case, it was all doughy tempura batter and tiny tiny shrimp.  The tempura sauce was served lukewarm and tasteless.  2015-11-04 19.38.59

Chirashi Don (Php420)

This was a good order, although for the price I still found the serving portion pitiful. It looked like a full bowl on the menu photos and in reality, it even looked decent; but when you dig into it you realize each item is a tiny portion and the rest is actually just rice. However, the taste and freshness of most of the components of the Chirashi Don almost made up for the disappointing serving size.  The only thing we didn’t like was the octopus which was really tough and chewy.

2015-11-04 20.02.10

Black Pepper Chicken Don (Php190)

Now our last and after-thought order (we ordered this just to fill out our tummys since none of our orders were really filling), the black pepper chicken don, was so good I was actually taken aback.  The peppery and spicy chicken was served hot and was just tasty.  It could do with a little less of the onions though.

Overall, I think one needs to have some sort of strategy when dining at Genki Sushi.  If you’re dining alone or with friends, you can start with the rice bowls to fill up your tummy as these are more value for money; then you can go along with the sushi rolls – those priced at Php80 are the most value for money as they either come in 2s/3s/4s and would come out to be around Php40 per piece on the average.  Of course if you’re there for the sushi rolls, just go for the salmon or tuna. I would tell you to just skip the shrimp tempura and the fried gyoza.  The novelty of getting served and taking your food from a conveyor belt is a winning factor but after the first visit, I personally am not inclined to return as I can get a better fix for my sushi cravings elsewhere for a better price.  I might visit Genki Sushi in Hong Kong or Japan just to compare how this one fares but otherwise nothing would encourage me to return to Genki Sushi (Manila).



Restaurant Review: Patricio’s Cevicheria

Patricio’s Cevicheria is located along Bayani Road in Taguig and it’s a place you actually wouldn’t notice unless you actually look for it.  In our case, we’ve seen their signage for the past year whenever we take the Bayani Road route to the airport.  We’ve been curious but never found much reason to intentionally make the trip to this place…I think it’s because it’s besides a busy road and we felt that parking might be a bit tricky.

Then an article from regarding it’s Queso Crema made us realize that we should take the time to visit this place…that and the fact that they serve “Binakhaw” which is my hometown’s version of kinilaw. Nostalgia prevails.

After a busy Saturday, we decided at the last minute to eat out as I was too lazy to whip something up.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t much traffic so the drive to Patricio’s wasn’t so bad and we got a parking spot just a bit off the restaurant front and the Generics Pharmacy next to it.

This is the interiors of Patricio’s Cevicheria. Simple and clean.  It makes one thinks that life is quite uncomplicated.  Even the menu is a one-pager offering enough choices to not confuse the hungry patron.

2015-10-24 19.00.31_edited

When we arrived, there was only one table occupied with two patrons. We placed our orders of Chicharrones, Lomo Saltado and Queso Crema at the counter and paid for our orders.  We chose the table by the window and the server came with a huge bottle of cold water along with the utensils.

2015-10-24 18.55.30edited

2015-10-24 19.05.22_edited

Lomo Saltado (Php180)

Verdict: The Lomo Saltado is described on their menu as “spicy stir-fried beef with Aji Amarillo peppers on a bed of roasted tomatoes, sweet onions & fried potato wedges, served with long grain rice.  When this dish was served, there was sprinkling of about 6 small pieces of beef on a bed of fried potato wedges and red onions that were barely caramelized and tomatoes that didn’t appear roasted.  The beef pieces were salty and I mean really really salty.  B had a higher tolerance for sweet and salty food but even he was a bit turned off by the saltiness of the meat.  The potato wedges were really good though.  I don’t think there was any Aji Amarillo peppers in this dish given that this type of pepper is supposed to give off a medium to hot heat level and there was nothing remotely spicy about this dish.  I’m not a big fan of spicy food (unless you count KFC’s hot and crispy chicken) so I would know if a dish is spicy or not, this definitely wasn’t.  Needless to say, because of the serving size of the meat, the taste of the overall dish and the actual dish being off from what was actually described in the menu, I would definitely not order this again.

2015-10-24 19.05.30 edited

Chicharrones – Solo portion with Black Bean Rice (Php160)

Verdict: This dish is actually good! Can do without the side sauces since the meat is quite tasty on its own.  While there is the chicharrones quality, I think the heat was too high that some parts of each piece ended up being too brown and too hard to bite off.  The black bean rice is delicious and goes quite well with chicharrones.  In hindsight we realized we should’ve gone with our first instinct and ordered the full serving (for sharing for Php290) and ordered each the black bean rice (Php60 per serving) since they were that good.  If we come back, we’ll definitely order both.

2015-10-24 19.16.49_edited

Queso Crema, Mini (Php90)

Verdict:  This is the real reason we visited Patricio’s Cevicheria in the first place.  It served served warm and after the first two spoonfuls, I honestly didn’t detect any hint of cheese….for me, this was more reminiscent of a cassava cake, a creamier buttery version at best.  It was a bit on the sweet side too since there’s no tart or sharp taste of cheese. A bit disappointed but this is a simple enough dessert that one can have if craving for something sweet.  Since we don’t use microwave at home, we didn’t bother ordering another mini portion to go.

Overall, Patricio’s Cevicheria was an experience.  We’d definitely be back for the black bean rice and the chicharrones and we might try their other dishes.  The lomo saltado we’ll give a miss on the next visit and the queso crema? Will probably depend on our mood for sweets after meal. Service though is friendly and efficient and the staff are quite helpful on where to park.  If you plan to visit Patricio’s Cevicheria, I would suggest a weekend or holiday (if they’re open) evening is the best time as you can get a chance to park; during the day, Bayani Road is quite busy.

Restaurant Review: Ooma Japanese Rice Bar

The B and I always plan ahead when we want to try a new place, especially when it’s a place we read a lot about and know that waiting in line is a possibility.  After all, we both hate waiting too long for our food.

We arrived at SM Megamall after an hour and a half of drive, just as it has opened.  Since the mall had just opened, we decided to kill a bit of time before heading to Ooma, mostly to build up an appetite.

2015-10-07 Ooma exterior

We came back to Ooma about 30 minutes later and the place was still deserted. We were given a seat just off the counter and within seconds were handed the menu.

2015-10-07 Ooma interiors

Ooma Menu

Phol our server was very attentive and friendly.  Within minutes of handing us our menu, we were ready to order.  We asked for the Scallop and Tuna Aburi Maki, Soft-shell Crab Taco Maki, Hanger Steak and the Uni Udon. He smiled and commented that we ordered all their bestsellers (we were that ready. LOL).

While we were waiting for our orders, our server came back and gave us our house tea. Without having to wait long, our first maki order arrived.

2015-10-07 Tuna and Scallop Aburi Maki_ooma

Scallop and Tuna Aburi Maki (6 pieces, Php295 + SC)

Verdict:  At first glance, the sushi rolls was smaller than expected and you could hardly see the tuna or taste the scallop in the maki.  It was tasty but given that we could not really taste either the tuna or the scallop, this dish is quite disappointing. The spicy mayo and kimchi aioli made it spicier than I would’ve liked. The sweet soy glaze came in this quaint cup with a paintbrush making the dish a bit interesting and added a depth of flavor to the maki. Overall, I would give this dish a miss.

2015-10-07 Soft shell crab taco maki

Soft-shell Crab Taco Maki (2 pieces, Php199 + SC)

Verdict:  This one is an absolute winner!  I am not a big fan of crustacean but since all the Ooma reviews I’ve read so far had raved about this dish, I just had to order it.  B was initially adamant about ordering it simply because as much as he loved crabs, he wasn’t a fan of soft shell crabs and with the price, he felt like it wasn’t value for money.  I decided to ignore his disinterest and ordered this dish anyway.  And boy, are we both glad!  The presentation itself was interesting enough but when you look at the dish closely, you can see layers of interesting ingredients in it.  While it is expensive, each piece is huge enough that you have to take 2-3 bites to finish it off.  Once you bite into it, you get an explosion of flavors. The crunch of the soft shell crab, the richness and creaminess of the aligue mayo, the saltiness of the tobiko along with the rice and seaweed wrap – it all comes together in one heavenly bite.  This is definitely one dish you should not miss!  I could probably eat 2 or 3 orders of this alone.

2015-10-07 Hanger Steak_Ooma

Hanger Steak (Php495 + SC)

Verdict:  Another winner of a dish. Value for money too!  Portion is good enough for sharing between 2-3 people. This dish is very very rich given that it has both white truffle oil and ponzu butter but each component of the dish actually works well together.  The softness sweet potato mash, the crispness of the baby potato slices…everything is just so, so good!  Definitely something you should try.

By the time we were on our main entrees, people were slowly trickling into the restaurant and the servers were busy.  The Hanger steak, which was delivered by a different server, came ahead of our order of Uni Udon (Phol remedied this by quickly reminding the other server that we still had another entree waiting).  It took about 20 minutes before one of the servers came and offered us steamed white rice. By the time the steamed rice was offered, the Uni Udon was already served and we got a bit “umay” already.  The richness of the udon and the hanger steak with all the truffle oil can get a bit rich so steamed rice would’ve been nice if it was served along with it.

2015-10-07 Uni udon_ooma

Uni Udon (Php495 + SC)

Verdict:  Again, something that B was not too keen about but we ordered it anyway just to give it a try.  We absolutely did not regret this.  While the serving for this order was smaller than we would’ve liked, it’s so rich that you wouldn’t mind sharing it actually.  The udon was cooked perfectly and the uni cream sauce was soooo sinfully delicious.  There was actually a bit of sauce left on the bowl after B finished off the noodles that I was tempted to ask for some rice to finish off the sauce!  Definitely order the Uni Udon.

2015-10-07 Black Sesame Ice Cream_ooma

Black Sesame Ice Cream (Php85 + SC)

Verdict:  For the price, we actually expected a scoop of ice cream and were pleasantly surprised to get 2 scoops!  It was served with toasted almonds and alfalfa sprouts and both complemented the creamy black sesame ice cream quite well.  It takes a few spoonfuls before you actually detect any hint of black sesame but it’s there.  B says it”s not as creamy as the other black sesame ice cream he has tried in other restaurants but I didn’t mind.

Overall, our entire experience was very pleasant.  I was actually quite impressed with the service, particularly our server Phol, as he was very quick on his feet.  We had asked for 2 glasses of hot water  as we usually do upon ordering our food.  Halfway through our meal, he came back and offered to replace our water saying that it might have cooled down already.  In all the restaurants where we asked for hot water, no server has ever offered to do that voluntarily and without us having to ask. Kudos to your Ooma’s customer service!  We will surely be back.

Restaurant Review: Chili’s P999 Food for 3

For this year’s Chili’s P999 Food for 3, B and I agreed we would take up this promo offer on the last day.   I can’t remember what we ordered from this same promo last year or the year before but we were suprised to see that there were limited choices for the 1 appetizer and 2 entrees in the promo.

2015-09-30 Chilis Southwestern fried egg rolls

Southwestern Egg Roll

Verdict:  This has always been our favorite appetizer and always will be.  Taste is still the same as always though we were disappointed that serving portion seemed to have shrunk.  Each half roll seemed to be half empty, not sure if this is because this is a promo thing.  Will have to come back another time to test out this theory.

 2015-09-30 Chilis_pork belly bbq

Country-style Pork Belly

Verdict:  We were quite surprised to see 3 slices of  pork belly with very little fat.  Tender and juicy and seasoned just right.  We were quite happy with this order.

2015-09-30 Chilis Chicken Fajitas

Classic Chicken Fajitas

Verdict:  Another usual item we order is Chili’s fajitas but usually we have the combo of chicken and steak but since the promo limited us to only the chicken fajitas, how can I complain?   Taste and serving portion is the same, tortilla that came with the dish wasn’t too fresh though.  We asked for more soft tortillas and server came back with 2 more for us and these were better.

2015-09-30 Chilis_Fried cheesecake

Fried Cheesecake (Php295 + SC)

When we dine at Chili’s, we always make sure to order our all-time favorite dessert – Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.  However, for the past months when Chili’s was promoting its Php999 offer, the fried cheesecake with vanilla ice cream came cropping up on my social media feed.   You know what they say about advertisements, for some reason it sticks to your memory.  So instead of our usual Chili’s molten lava chocolate cake for dessert, we decided to give the Fried Cheesecake a try.


Given all the build up, we had high expectations.  And when our dessert came, I must say we were impressed..initially.  Visually, the fried cheesecake with vanilla ice cream and caramel and chocolate sauces was beautiful.

Since I was excited, I immediately went for the fried cheesecake.  Cutting through the cheesecake ball, I could hear the satisfying crunch of the coating.  When I took a scoop of the crunchy coating and the cheesecake and tasted it, I realized almost immediately how cloying the smell of vanilla was in the gooey soft cheesecake and how sweet it was.  Too sweet actually.  Even my husband who has a high tolerance for sweets admitted that the cheesecake was too sweet, too soft and just didn’t taste like cheesecake at all.

To offset the cloying sweetness of the fried cheesecake, we ate the vanilla ice cream.  Now the vanilla ice cream was a different story.  It was frozen hard, just mildly sweet and absolutely delightful.

In hindsight, we realized that to get the full potential of this dessert, you would have to get a spoonful of the hot fried cheesecake, the cold frozen vanilla ice cream, and a dash of the caramel sauce or chocolate sauce (although I prefer the latter) and take a bite of it all together. This combination of hot and cold, sweet and slightly plain is absolutely good.  So while we were quite disappointed that the fried cheesecake was too sweet to eat on its own, it’s a good alternative to the chocolate molten lava cake if you want to experiment.  My favorite dessert at Chili’s, however, will always be the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.

#BucketList: Our Maldives trip in a nutshell


Like everyone else who leaves the beach, the Maldives has always been on our travel bucket list.  A series of events led us to take a risk and book that last-minute flight to the Maldives for our week-long anniversary trip.

My husband and I like traveling together, not just to tick off some places in each our bucket lists but to enjoy these travel experiences together.  Since I’m the one with the OCD, my husband usually leaves the trip planning to me.  We have long ago, agreed to list of places we’d want to go to for our anniversaries, one of those places is the Maldives. While vacationing in the Maldives seemed like a distant dream before, reading about Rappler’s article “Maldives on a budget” as well as following Never Ending Footstep’s blog entries on “How to Travel the Maldives on a Budget“, stirred up a longing for the actual experience.

Taking heart from all the articles I saw online extolling the virtues of budget travel to the Maldives, I decided to do my research, work on a realistic itinerary and crunch numbers. It took a few weeks for me to scour the internet with feedback from locals who’ve been to the Maldives.  To help decide how to pin down our itinerary and budget, we had to pin down how many days we wanted to spend in paradise (forever would have been a great idea!), airline (the cheapest available of course!), whether we’d be willing to sacrifice an extra day each way for cheaper airfare but longer layover time, where we would be staying when in the Maldives (hostel, guesthouses, resorts or hotels??), and what we really wanted to get out of the trip, in terms of experiences.

We are perhaps the worse budget travelers nor will we even bother pretending that we are DIY travelers or backpackers.  In my younger days (back when backpacking was not even popular and booking trips via travel agencies was the usual way to go), I have done a lot of backpacking and camping with friends around the Philippines. Now that I’m older, I must admit, my body can’t take the same abuse anymore.  These days, we make plans to travel at the spur of the moment or a few weeks before the actual trip, mainly because our schedules are very unpredictable.  So what we do is  we usually bulk up our travel fund as much as we can during the year in preparation for the following year’s travels (we follow something like the 52-Week Money Challenge but we up the amount depending on where we’re planning to go), this means we scrimp as much as we can during the  year.  We eat out only on special occasions (not even fast food!) or sometimes once in a weekend, we buy our groceries in bulk, we plant our own vegetables, we save on utilities, etc.  We usually list the activities we want to do or sights we want to see for our place, make our trip itinerary with detailed budget and see whether we can afford such trip (trimming some activities along the way).

When you’ve spent weeks researching and reading about Maldives, you suddenly realize there’s so much to the country than just it’s beautiful white sand beaches and breathtaking underwater creatures.  Each article and blog I’ve read only fueled my interest and determination to visit the Maldives but at the same time, it added to the confusion and the what-seems to be a mounting checklist to tick off.

Following Rappler’s recommendation, we decided to give budget Tiger Airlines a go. In hindsight, I realized that “budget airline” isn’t necessarily true especially if you haven’t booked your flights under promo fare or you’re booking a trip at the last minute. In our case, Tiger Airways was the “cheapest” available flight for our target dates, of course we’d have to endure the long layover at Changi Airport Singapore.  Although we did pay extra (SGD48 per person) for TigerPlus which according to their website provides the following benefits: dedicated check-in, SATS Premier Lounge, priority boarding. One of the main reasons we paid extra for these items is because we wanted to see what the fuss is really about. More of Tiger Airlines and our flight details on a separate post.

So with our airline decided upon, we checked the dates around our anniversary to make sure there were available flights.  Working around the available flight schedules for our preferred dates, the length of travel time (including lay over time), the weekend (Fridays to Saturdays) being observed in Male Capital where we were touching down, as well as planning our itinerary to ensure that we would spend our last few days (as well as our anniversary date) at the island resort, we were able to come up with a workable 10D/9N itinerary.  To sum up our entire 10D/9N-day trip to the Maldives: we spent almost 2 days/nights for the round trip flights (MNL-MLE (via Singapore)-MNL) including layover times + Overnight stay at Male Capital (Sala Boutique Hotel) + 3 nights at the local island of Maafushi (Equator Beach Inn) and 3 nights at the island resort (Kurumba Maldives).

There were so many intricacies in planning our Maldives trip – from the logistics, how to get to each place, where to stay, what to do and where to eat.  Being the OCD person that I am, these were something I wanted to ensure even before we arrived in Male. For each place and activity, I wanted to set a budget mostly to reassure myself that we had enough cash in case of emergencies.

One thing’s for sure, if and when you decide to go to the Maldives, be sure to bring along your sun glasses, swimsuits, coveralls, a hat, sunblock and after-sun lotion!  The sun shines bright and hot everyday when you’re in the Maldives so sunblock/sunscreens and after-sun lotions will be your best friends. Most of all, sit back and relax and enjoy the beach.

So come join me as I reminisce on our Maldives trip in the next couple of entries, but for now here’s our Maldives trip in a nutshell.

Day 0 – Manila to Singapore (Singapore layover 7 hours)

Day 1 – Singapore to Male (Arrive Male 11am) / Overnight at Male

Day 2 – Male to Maafushi / Overnight at Maafushi

Day 3 – Maafushi

Day 4 – Maafushi

Day 5 – Maafsuhi to Male (for ferry to Kurumba Resort) / Overnight at Kurumba

Day 6 – Kurumba

Day 7 – Kurumba

Day 8 – Depart Kurumba / Male to Singapore (Singapore layover 5 hours)

Day 9 – Singapore to Manila




Kurumba Maldives: Beachfront Deluxe Bungalow

Kurumba_room entrance

Entrance to our room – Bungalow 253

2015-03-18 06.40.23

Beachfront Bungalow

room view outside_kurumba

Beachfront Bungalow

View of our room from the outside. Veranda has outdoor table and chairs as well as outdoor daybed perfect for daytime reading.

Kurumba_sun loungers snorkeling

Beachfront with our designated sunbeds + Kurumba reusable bag to keep our borrowed snorkeling gears

2015-03-17 13.41.57

Each bungalow has outdoor table and chairs.

2015-03-17 13.41.52

Outdoor daybed.

2015-03-18 06.38.04

This is the ashtray and trash bin just along our beach front.

2015-03-17 13.34.25

King-sized bed with super comfy pillows and linens

2015-03-17 13.41.07

A cute stuffed dolphin to remind us about being environmentally friendly with our towels and linens.

Kurumba_bed fan

Beautiful high ceiling.  Ceiling fan is available in case the a/c is not enough on really hot days – not that we ever needed during our stay.


Day bed next to the desk

Kurumba_patio view

TV with DVD player.

Kurumba_closet and vanity area

This is the area behind the bed where the mini bar, vanity table and closet are located.  To the left is access to the indoor and outdoor shower.


Room mini bar along with the coffee, tea and hot chocolate-making facilities.

2015-03-17 13.36.22

The complimentary items are the 2 1-liter bottles of water (of course), Nespresso pods, milk assorted packets instant coffee, creamer and sugar and green tea as well as Van Houten hot chocolate packs and cookies.  These complimentary items are replenished twice a day – during the day during housekeeping clean up and evening during turndown service.

Kurumba_Room amenities coffee making facility

So in love with the Nespresso coffee machine and the Nespresso pods they generously refill at least twice a day.

Kurumba_Van Houten choco drink

Addicted to the Van Houten hot chocolate packets…I am not ashamed to say I snuck them (as well as my remaining unused Nespresso pods!) into my luggage twice a day for my supply back home 🙂

Kurumba_closet amenities

Next to the mini bar is the closet where we have 2 bathrobes, beach slippers, the iron and ironing board.

Kurumba_closet amenities2

Hangers, laundry bags, hair dryer and a large beach bag (to carry the beach towels and snorkeling gears we borrowed from the recreation center)

2015-03-17 13.36.02

Vanity table where the “Make your own cocktail bar” is also located (this includes cocktail mixer/shaker, assorted cocktail glasses and cocktail mix guide).

2015-03-17 13.37.56

This is the other side of the door along the closet hall.

2015-03-17 13.38.03

Bathroom has double vanity, indoor and outdoor shower and a bathtub. Ample bath towels, hand towels and face towel provided as well toiletries including facial tissue and cotton balls.

2015-03-17 13.38.37

This lavatory is the main one we used everyday.


Molton Brown amenities – love the scent (a mix of vanilla and coconut that just soothes and relaxes).

Kurumba_shaving kit

Kurumba provides decent shaving kit for men (I say decent because this is still disposable razor but one that is really cute).

2015-03-17 13.38.52

This is one of the doors that lead to the outdoor shower.

kurumba bathtub

Enter a caption

The indoor bathtub with view of the outdoor shower.

2015-03-17 13.39.09

Outdoor shower and bamboo rack for wet clothes.

2015-03-17 13.38.18

The other side of the huge bathroom which has the laundry basket, water closet as well as the other vanity complete with handsoap and cotton balls/pads and facial tissue.

2015-03-17 13.38.08

The water closet.

Kurumba_room view sea

Perfect view of the sea and sand from inside our room.  Our little piece of heaven.

Each room (regardless of room category) has assigned outdoor sunbeds with the room number so you’re always assured of having a sunbed to use anytime of the day.

Our room was perfect mainly because the other beachfront bungalows on both sides were a few meters away so it was like having our own private beachfront.and our room was also close to one of the outdoor water gazebos which made it perfect for taking photos of the beautiful sunrise or sunsets everyday.


Stunning Sunrise on the morning of our anniversary

Kurumba_view from our sun loungers

View from our sunbeds…one of the outdoor water gazebos that surround the island resort.